Urban Psychogeomancy

First Rule of The Urban Psychogeomancer

Paint Wave




(in Discarded Chewing Gum)

The Archangel Emerges From Spilt Paint
Golden Lane EC1

Viennese Swirl Raises an Ambiguity in Spacetime


Augury Of Hope


Vesica Piscis Shadow
(after PKD 2-3-74)


Platonic Cat Manifests in Long Grass


The Missing Brick Of Woodbridge Street EC1

“Don’t Listen To The Bells

At The Ressurection Gate, St Giles In The Fields

Bollard Sacrifice Tryptych
Gaskin Street N1

Presage of Milk Top Stain On Paving Stone
Ritchie Sreet N1

A Shaman’s Warning
Cloudesley Square N1

Abandoned Wheelbarrows Manifest The
Fundamental Jealousy at The Heart of Class War
Barnard Park N1

Sigil Markings

Penton Street

Broken Bottle Illuminated in Sunday Morning Light
In The Vicinity of The Old Bone House, Spa Fields

Hope Love Charity

Divination By Blossom

Gibson Square

Clouds In Puddle Bring Forth The Pale Horse
Corner of Penton Street and White Lion Street

The Incomplete Ouroboros Blocks Thy Path
Richmond Avenue N1

Illumination By Bollard
St Albans Place N1

Let The Light Be Your Guide

Scatomancy (Bird Shit Constellations)

Sekforde Street EC1


Alignment of Sunset and Phonebox Creates Brief Portal
Richmond Avenue N1

Black Balloon Omen

Richmond Avenue N1

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